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The Prashkovsky Way

It all began four generations ago, when Arnon and Edna Prashkovsky, a farming couple, decided to enter the construction business and had built their first project of a 250sm Commercial Center in Dimona. Over the years, they paved the way for their small family business alongside their 3 children joining in and sharing its vision and work. In 2006, at the initial public offering, Edna and Arnon made the bold decision to hand over the reins to their three successors to carry on the family business.

Over the years, the company kept growing, building its strong reputation, and exploring new opportunities to expand – turning it into one of the leading organizations in the Real Estate industry in Israel. Most importantly, it has always remained a family: a close-knit family that is a symbol of the values of integrity, fellowship, and loyalty. Today, Prashkovsky is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts – an innovative and growing company that strictly maintains its core values: Modesty, Honesty, Commitment to ensure only what we can provide, and most importantly, an eye-level dialogue with our buyers. As far as we are concerned, every resident is a partner – a part of the family.


First, the company is run by four generations of a close-knit family, along with senior executives who have been an integral part of the company for decades. Through hard work without taking any shortcuts, our company keeps growing while keeping the same family core values.

However, if you look more deeply at the company's journey from the very beginning, you'll notice a more "conservative" motif. Yes, it may sound confusing as the conservative mindset is often perceived to be one that favors preserving the existing order and rejecting progress, while Prashkovsky is known for being an innovative, modern company that builds thousands of housing units using the most advanced construction technologies and provides the highest level of finish across its buildings in Israel.

So how are we conservative? When you think about it, although a conservative mindset has its downsides, it also has important advantages, mainly because it works for you as a customer. Our conservative point of view is what motivates us to not compromise at any cost and to always make sure we choose the best locations for our projects. This also means we make sure to offer our customers only what we have absolute confidence about we can fulfill.

And yes, sometimes our conservative approach may be expressed in our strict pricing, interest rates and agreements with customers, so to never compromise our highest quality and standards we commit to. Such conservatism means limitless loyalty to customers, employees, and suppliers, and is evident in real time when we, the owners of our own traded company, make sure to attend to our customers in person and provide immediate solutions.

Surprisingly, conservative thinking is the core that enables us even as a big corporation to operate as a family-run, efficient and flexible organization. It is an important part of our way of life. This is the way we came from, and that is the way we will always take.

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