Our teams in the Execution Division are responsible for the construction work, from the moment they get the project started on the ground to its completion and handover to the buyers.

Heading the division is Ange Tamir Bleichman, an experienced, talented, and most importantly, loyal engineer who has been working with us for more than 15 years.

Execution Division

What is the factor that motivates the Execution Division?

Nothing is more important to us than creating meaningful value for our customers. For families – it means a stable, safe, properly planned and carefully designed home that will allow each member of the household to develop and grow, both independently and together as a family. For businesses – it means a smart, functional buildings, full of character and atmosphere, so that the employees within them will gladly arrive for work and contribute for success.

And that's exactly what the Execution Division does.

Over the years, we have built dozens of the most beautiful and well-kept neighborhoods in the State of Israel, from prestigious residential neighborhoods of residential towers to pastoral and rural neighborhoods of detached houses. Alongside them, we built business, commercial and employment complexes on tens of thousands of square meters throughout the country, which are considered desirable and loved by tenants and buyers. Each of our projects is like our own baby, for which we provide our best efforts together with creative thinking, meticulous planning down to the last detail and optimal execution, in accordance with the most advanced and innovative construction techniques. In each of the projects, we are fully committed not only to the building itself, but also to the development of sustainable environment and landscaping, including green lungs and clean air open spaces.

All in the Family

Decades of experience have taught us that a perfect result is the product of a meticulous process. This is why we insist on handling each of the complex construction stages entirely on our own. We rely on the experience and skills we have gained over the years to decide whether we pause and make changes, or we approve and move on.

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