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A building permit for the project granted!

When Ramat Hanasi meets the Prashkovsky's standard of living.

Haifa's next residential neighborhood is here.

Enjoy the green ridge of the western slopes of Mount Carmel alongside Hecht Park and the best beach strip in Israel within walking distance.

Enjoy the wild nature of Wadi Amik and the beautiful Butterfly Park – an exciting attraction for families.

Enjoy the entertainment, recreation, and employment centers of Western Carmel within a few minutes' drive away and find everything a family needs available nearby your house in the neighborhood.

Ramat Hanasi meets the Prashkovsky's standard of living. We are proud to introduce the perfect residential complex of Western Carmel: 9 spectacular residential towers in the best location of the neighborhood – on the hillside, first line to Butterfly Park, with stunning sea views from every floor.

אכלוס ינואר 2026

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City Meets Success

Haifa's urban renewed energy can be felt everywhere, from the Western Carmel through the classical music center, to the vibrant scene in the lower city and the port, offering bars and restaurants, festivals, galleries, and lively contemporary art scene. Alongside the community, academic and cultural wealth, Haifa residents get employment opportunities in leading technology companies, and enjoy urban living with green spaces, wild nature landscapes, in addition to some of Israel's most beautiful beaches and vibrant urban local lifestyle, attracting more new residents, families, and young people.

Perfection Meets Neighborhood

In just a few years, one of the city's new emerging neighborhoods has transformed into one of the most sought-after areas thanks to innovative planning that considers every detail to create an ideal neighborhood quality of life. Primarily by nurturing future generations by promoting quality educational frameworks in which children within the neighborhood can grow up together from kindergarten through high school, alongside an abundance of community life and leisure activity areas, surrounded by green spaces, commercial centers, and residential complex projects of Israel's leading real estate companies. All this is built around the center, the beating heart of the neighborhood – the spectacular Butterfly Park, which covers 25 dunams of lawns, charming corners as well as inclusive playgrounds and sports areas. Like all other landmarks of Ramat Hanasi, it is a short and safe walk for kids and families of the neighborhood. As residents of the Prashkovsky project at Ramat Hanasi – you can enjoy Butterfly Park any time within a few steps away from your house.

Location Meets Accessibility

You can easily spot the winning location of Ramat Hanasi overlooking the sea from the slopes of the Western Carmel – high enough to look outside the balcony at the Mediterranean Sea and close enough to walk down to Carmel Beach, through Hecht Park located a kilometer away from the neighborhood. Take a short drive from Matam Park to get to multiple destinations such as the unique high-tech and business center of local and global companies, Azrieli Mall Haifa, Hof HaCarmel Railway Station, Sammy Ofer Stadium, Dado Beach Boardwalk and more of what the Western Carmel has to offer. The arterial roads link the neighborhood quickly to the coastal road, the Carmel Tunnels and anywhere in and outside the city.

Park Meets Butterfly

The project is located on the first line adjacent to the Butterfly park, the spectacular neighborhood park which is located on the butterfly migration path and designed as a spread-winged butterfly. The Butterfly park covers an area of 25 dunams (6 acres) with green spaces, extreme climbing and play facilities, fountain area with color-changing mood lighting, outdoor fitness facilities, as well as the huge ship-shaped kids playground facility and lots of dedicated shaded spaces for family, friends, and neighbors to hang out, have spontaneous picnic gatherings or birthday celebrations, and enjoy dedicated trails for dog walks or group fitness training.

Prashkovsky Brings the Highest Standard of Living to the Hights of Ramat Hanasi

Our Haifa residents already enjoy the high quality of the Prashkovsky brand as part of the largest urban renewal project in the north side, which was built in Neve Sha'anan neighborhood near the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Even at Ramat Hanasi, which is recognized for its high standards in all areas, Prashkovsky sets a whole new standard of quality in each of the 9 towers that bear the company name. As the company is both the developer and executor of the project, Prashkovsky is fully committed to handle every aspect of it to the smallest details, for the sole benefit of our projects' residents.


Prashkovsky residents enjoy the largest apartments offered in the neighborhood and the West Carmel, with spaces significantly more spacious than other projects nearby.

Prashkovsky residents enjoy sea views visible from the first floor. The side apartments, overlooking the western Carmel ridge on the first line, offer views of mountain nature in all its glory.

The residents of Prashkovsky buildings refer the Butterfly Park as their "own private courtyard" for the simple reason that the buildings are located a short distance from the park, and they can just walk straight from the building to get there.

Prashkovsky residents enjoy a spacious, well-designed, and equipped residents' club at their disposal, with a private garden that connects directly to the Butterfly park.

Prashkovsky residents enjoy huge courtyards in the garden apartments and panoramic sea views from the penthouses' balconies.

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