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Since Parschkovsky Investments and Construction Ltd. and its subsidiaries and affiliated partnerships (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Parschkovsky" or "the Company") respect the privacy of users on its website and other related websites, the company has decided to publish its policy regarding the protection of user privacy on the website. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain Parschkovsky's practices regarding user privacy on the website and how Parschkovsky uses the information provided by users on the website or collected by it during the use of the website. The Privacy Policy is formulated in masculine language for convenience only and refers to both women and men alike. Terms in this document that are not explicitly defined shall be interpreted according to the definitions given to them in the terms of use.


1.   General

When using the website's services, information about you is collected. Some of the information personally identifies you, such as your name, address, etc. This type of information is knowingly provided by you, for example, when registering for services on the website. Some information does not personally identify you and is not stored with your details. This includes statistical and cumulative information, which may also include additional details, such as advertisements you read on the website, pages you viewed, offers and services that interested you, the internet address (IP) from which you accessed the website, and more.


 2.  Registration for Services

Some services on the website require registration. As part of the registration, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address, contact methods, email address, and other personal details (hereinafter: "Personal Information"). Registration for certain services on the website is not possible without providing the required data in the mandatory fields. Parschkovsky may ask you for only certain personal information necessary for the service you register for and may request additional personal information when registering for another service (for example, when registering for a system intended only for Parschkovsky clients).


3.   Information Database

By providing Personal Information, you consent to the inclusion of this Personal Information in Parschkovsky's database in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: "the Information Database"), and to the use of the information by Parschkovsky, under the terms of use and this document.


4.  Use of Information Collected Based on Website Usage

4.1   Parschkovsky may collect information about the services on the website you use and how you use them. For example, projects you were interested in, properties and services you requested to purchase or sell, information or advertising you read on the website, the pages you viewed, the offers and services that interested you, the location of the computer you used to browse the website, and details about the computer, and more. Parschkovsky will store this information in its databases.

4.2    We use the information we collect for the following purposes:

  • Improving the services and content offered on the website and creating new services or content that meet user requirements or discontinuing existing services or content. The information used by Parschkovsky for this purpose will mainly be statistical information that does not personally identify you.
  • Tailoring the ads displayed to you during your visit to the website to your areas of interest.
  • Sending you emails to inform you, for example, about changes or improvements, as well as marketing and advertising information
  • whether information about Parschkovsky or information Parschkovsky receives for distribution from other advertisers. You have the option to request to stop receiving such information at any time.
  • Contacting you when necessary. We may also record our communication with you to assist in resolving any issues you may encounter.
  • Analyzing statistical information and providing it to third parties, including advertisers. Information provided to third parties will not personally identify you.
  • – Sending marketing offers on behalf of Parschkovsky and/or its representatives.
  • Proper operation and development of the website or websites that Parschkovsky may establish in the future. – Any other purpose detailed in this Privacy Policy or the website's terms of use. 


4.3  Cookies

Cookies are small files containing a string of characters sent to your computer when you visit a specific website. When you revisit the website, cookies allow the website to recognize your browser. Cookies may contain user preferences information, actions you performed on the website, and other information details. We use the information we collect through cookies for the ongoing operation of the website, for authentication, data security, and to improve the user experience and overall quality of the services we offer on the website. You can block or delete cookies at any time by changing the settings in your browser to either reject all cookies or notify you when a cookie is sent to your computer. However, some actions or services on the website may not function without the ability to receive cookies, and it is possible that your personal details will not be saved on the website and you will need to re-enter them during your next visit to the website.


5. Direct Mail

5.1   Parschkovsky may send you, from time to time, by email or any other media, including information about its services as well as marketing and advertising information, including professional material, updates, advertisements, notices, and various offers based on the information in its databases, including by using different characteristics of the information (hereinafter: "Direct Mail").

5.2   This information will be sent to you only if you have given your consent, including as part of using this website, or as permitted by law.

5.3  According to the Privacy Protection Law 1981 ("Privacy Protection Law"), you are entitled to request, in writing to Parschkovsky, that the information relating to you, used for Direct Mail, be deleted from the database. In such a case, Parschkovsky will only delete the information used for Direct Mail, and its deletion will be solely from the database used for Direct Mail; information required by Parschkovsky for managing its business, including documenting commercial and other actions performed by you on the website, may be stored in Parschkovsky's databases (but will not be used for Direct Mail). Parschkovsky does not provide direct mailing services to others and will not transfer your details and the information collected about you to third parties for direct mailing services, unless your consent is obtained for this purpose. However, Parschkovsky may use your details for sending marketing offers on behalf of third parties, provided that your details will not be provided or transferred in any way to such third parties without your consent. Parschkovsky may also use service providers on its behalf and transfer to them details and information as mentioned, subject to their commitment to confidentiality.


6. The Right to Review Information

6.1  The data collected by Parschkovsky will be stored in the Information Database. A person who reviews the information about him and finds that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or outdated, has the right to approach the database owner with a request to delete the incorrect information or correct it. Such a request should be directed to Parschkovsky by email: or by fax number 972-039503877 or by regular mail to the address: Moti Kind Street 10, Rehovot, Israel.


7. Sharing Information with a Third Party

Parschkovsky does not share personal information and information collected about your actions on the website (as long as such details and information personally identify you) and will not transfer this information to third parties, except in the following cases:

7.1 We have obtained your consent – We will share personal details with third parties only after obtaining your consent.

7.2 If you participate in third-party content activities or joint activities of Parschkovsky and a third party presented on the website. In these cases, the relevant third party will be provided with the information needed to manage the relevant content activity and to create or maintain contact with you.

7.3 We may allow you to share with your friends on Facebook activities you perform on the website using Facebook tools – "Share" and "Like." We will not provide personal information to Facebook, but you should know that Facebook may correlate this information with the existing information in its possession through your Facebook profile. Further information on Facebook's data use policy can be found on the Facebook website. Parschkovsky is also entitled to allow such sharing on additional social networking websites. If we enable sharing on social networks or other websites, such sharing will be performed by the users in accordance with and subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of those networks or website.

7.4 For statistical purposes – We provide personal information to entities or companies that we trust to process the information for us according to our instructions and in a manner consistent with our privacy policy. Generally, and unless you have consented to the transfer of personal information, information transferred for statistical purposes does not include identifiable details, which are expected to allow the third party to identify you.

7.5 For legal reasons: – If Parschkovsky receives a judicial order instructing it to provide your details or information about you to a third party. – If necessary, in Parschkovsky's opinion, for and/or in the framework of any dispute, claim, demand, or legal proceedings, if any, between you or a third party and Parschkovsky. – In case you violate or attempt to violate the terms of use of the website or any of the services offered by Parschkovsky or perform, directly or through another party, actions deemed contrary to the law, Parschkovsky will be entitled to provide the information to any competent authority. – In any case where Parschkovsky deems it reasonably necessary to prevent harm to you or your property or to a third party or its property. – In any case where there is a permit/obligation by law to provide the details.

7.6  For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the information databases serve all entities included in Parschkovsky (i.e., Parschkovsky Company for Investment in Development and Construction Ltd., its subsidiaries and partnerships) for the purposes detailed in this document and in the terms of use.

7.7 If Parschkovsky organizes the operation of the website within another corporation – and also in the case where it merges with another body or merges the website's operation with the activities of a third party – it shall be entitled to transfer the information collected about you on the website or any statistical information collected by it, provided that the corporation to which the information is transferred accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy and your explicit consent for the disclosure of the information is obtained.


8. Advertisements by Third Parties

8.1  Parschkovsky allows or may allow third parties to manage the advertisement display system on the website and/or assist in managing the system, and uses or may use systems from other companies to manage the advertisement display system on the website.

8.2  For the purpose of managing the advertisements, these companies may place various objects such as Cookies and "web beacons" in the advertisements or on the site's pages. Web beacons are tiny graphic files with a unique identifier, embedded in the site's pages and are used to assist in collecting information about the use of the website. The collected information is not personally identifiable but only matches the advertisements displayed to you to topics that may interest you. The use of Cookies and web beacons by these companies is subject to the privacy policies of those companies alone, and you are invited to review the privacy policies of these companies through their websites.


9. Collection of Information for Statistical Purposes

Parschkovsky uses various companies that provide it with statistical data about the use of the website. These companies collect and analyze information on the extent of use of the website, the frequency of use, the sources of users' access to the website, and the like. The collected information is statistical in nature, does not personally identify the user, and is intended for analysis, research, and control purposes.


10. Information Security

Parschkovsky implements procedures and operates information security systems to protect our users from unauthorized access to the information in its possession. However, Parschkovsky cannot guarantee absolute security against intrusions to its computers by unauthorized elements, and Parschkovsky does not commit that the services will be absolutely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored by it. Parschkovsky will not be responsible for any damage caused by an intrusion into the information held by it, including privacy breaches, unless it is proven that the intrusion was intentionally made by Parschkovsky. In any case, Parschkovsky will not be liable, and the user waives his right to compensation for any damage, whether monetary or non-monetary, and any indirect or consequential damage.


11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. If changes are made to the Privacy Policy that concern the reduction of your rights or different use of the personal information you provided, a notice about it will be published on the website.


12. Contact

For any question or problem related to the Privacy Policy on the website, please contact:

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