Long Term Rental

Long Term Rental

The leading residential model in the Western world is coming to Israel with the possibility of a new way of life: long-term rental living, in a new designed and quality apartment, with an active community experience, and with complete security and certainty – everything needed to truly feel at home.

How it Works?
You choose from a variety of apartments the one that suits you, including quality design at the high living standards of the Prashkovsky Group, responsible management 24/7, and a community environment that has everything: a tenants' club, educational institutions and entertainment and leisure sites.

After that, you can feel right at home because you get a long-term agreement for 10 years, protected by rent regulation, providing you full certainty, with a single and predictable price increase, after 5 years. You have an exit point once a year. Time is on your side: you can design, get to know each other, grow roots, live the way that suits you best – without equity and without a mortgage.

without equity

Agreement and price known in advance for 10 years

New apartment

we take care of you 24/7

100% certainty and security

With the confidence of Pershkovsky

Tenants' Club

The Prashkovsky company established fully equipped Gymboree clubs for the benefit of the residents.

As part of the move, 3 tenants' clubs were established, under the name "Prashkovskids", which were equipped with a variety of children games, designed in two different concepts: The Desert and The Sea. The third club will be available for tenants to have private events and activities.

In long-term rental projects of our brand HOMEY and in general, we work hard to create a quality and different residential experience for our tenants. As part of this concept, we have invested time and effort to provide high-quality, advanced, and pampering tenants' clubs in our long-term rental project in the new Neve Doron in Ramla.

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